Update#4: Gueule Populaire + Bertram D + Royl Culbertson

Gueule Populaire



„In 2010 Gueule Populaire originally started out as a ‚classic‘ improvised music group in the Viennese tradition. Like many of those, over the years of constant collaboration, we also slowly developed the need for an extension of material, which at the beginning manifested in the idea of the compositional emancipation and integration of movement into our practice.

What first was just an emphasis of natural gestures evolving while playing the instruments turned into a general awareness and focus on the body and its extension, the environment. We continued to work with subliminal body language, flicker movement and different room positionings that result in altered room acoustics.

Following the path of expansion we also started to weave in other theatrical elements (light-design, costumes, props) and explored and integrated altered mental/structural states like static-installational or durational approaches into our performances, further opening up new dimensions of experience.

Gueule Populaire is Margaret Unknown (different audiosetups ranging from prepared guitar, synthesizer, DIY electronics, woodwinds, percussion, feedback systems, voice) and Rosi Rehformen (cello, voice).“


Bertram D

„Bertram Dhellemmes is a long time adept of experimentation and improvisation in different art fields – music, dance, video… – and different aesthetics, that led him to collaborate with many performers – free jazz musicians, butoh dancers, electronicists, noise makers –, also writers and visual artists…

For his solo music project, he regularly goes back to his personal quest, that is to discover what free glam is. You will have the opportunity to witness his next probable failure in this search, but what he found at least is that free glam is like making love, it’s the process that matters… “


Berlin Mud presents: Royl Culbertson III: Metal Mangs

„Es hat schon bei einem blauen Affen angefangen. Das Herz liegt im Herzen des obersten Körperteils. Der Tonhauer hat sich ein Schwein geschweißt. Ein Resonanzkörper lässt sich durch angemalte Stangen, einen Kreis, ein Dreieck und verchromten Resteisenstahl seine eigenartige Stimme herausstrahlen. Strahlstrahl. Restkörper. Resonanz. Skarekrau Radio. MAHTPA. Burlin Mud.“


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